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RS Financial Group's 401k Plan Pro helps individuals allocate their investments inside their company sponsored plan.

More than 61 million people participate in employer-sponsored retirement programs like 401(k), 403(b), 457 and Thrift plans. But many investors simply do not feel qualified or comfortable selecting and managing investments within their employer-sponsored retirement accounts.

Unless you work for a retirement investment firm or a very large company, chances are your options for plan investments are limited. Properly managing your employer-sponsored retirement account may have a profound impact on your retirement goals. Regardless of whom you work for, if you are invested in a company plan we can provide you with comprehensive investment advice. The funds you invest in should depend on your investment philosophy, your risk tolerance and how much time you have until you retire.

Our unique 401kPlanPro system features a Stock Market Buyline Recommendation that is used to make the strategic decision whether or not to be in the stock market, telling us when and how much to invest in equities.

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