Asset Management & Wealth Accumulation

It is never too early to start planning for your family's future. Building a well rounded plan from an early age will allow you to proactively meet life's financial challenges with confidence. Asset Management and Wealth planning are about more than retirement or wealth transfer, as external influences or personal circumstances change, effective asset management and wealth planning is consistently sustained through diligent management, the highest fiduciary standards of service, and proactive counsel. Whether it be planning for your retirement, college for the kids, or how much life insurance you or your spouse need, we will walk you through the steps to a sound financial future.

When you choose RS Financial Group as your investment advisor to help you with your wealth management needs, we take a personalized approach. Just as you are a unique individual, so are your wealth accumulation goals and so should be your wealth management plan. We are different in that we do not take the philosophy of “what’s right for one is right for all”.

We believe each plan deserves the options that an independent registered investment advisor like RS Financial Group can offer. As a boutique Memphis owned, fee based investment advisor and insurance agent, our approach allows us to reach across boundaries to find investments for our clients.

Fiduciaries and Advisors

Chris Sumner

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Kelly Snodgras

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